Company Introduction


We are IQS (IWANO Quality Systems Co., Ltd.) that support our clients’ “manufacturing” with the keywords of “technology” and “quality”.

Since its establishment in 2003, we have been providing various services related to facility management, validation, calibration, and maintenance, and operating the equipment management system “GxP Scope” in the field centered on pharmaceuticals.

The world of “manufacturing” is now entering an unprecedented period of great change.
IQS contributes to clients’ new “manufacturing” and “thinking”, as a partner who repeatedly builds, practices, maintains and improves various mechanisms necessary for “manufacturing”.

CEO Takaki Iwano
Executive Vice President Kiyoshi Amari

About Us

Company Name
IWANO Quality Systems Co., Ltd
March 2007 (Private office opened in 2003)
Takaki Iwano
Executive Vice President
Kiyoshi Amari
Executive Officer
1 person
(Systems Engineer: GxP Scope Development Manager)
1 person
Validation Engineer
1 person
Customer Support
2 person
Senior Consultants
10 people
Kazuhiko Arai (Representative Director of C&J)
Business Activities
Facility management centered on pharmaceutical facilities, consulting, and provision of various services
Office Location
Chigasaki Office
1F YAMACHO Bldg., 2-8-23 Matsunami,
Chigasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken,
253-0022 Japan
Phone Number
+81 467-82-7545
+81 467-82-7588

Corporate Philosophy

・Becoming a trusted partner company with pride and ethics as a company involved in life-related industry.
・Providing high-quality services by gathering the latest information, optimal technology, wisdom and skills based on our experiences.
・Contributing to the development of “manufacturing” industry with “technology” and “quality” through repeated self-improvement.

Our Services

We provide the following services to companies involved in “manufacturing”.

1. Facility and equipment management services
・Various supports related to facility management
・Centralized management of maintenance, calibration, and validation by the equipment management system「GxP Scope
・Maintenance and management of facilities and equipment

2. Validation / Calibration services
・”Validation service” which is the GxP requirement
・”Calibration service” based on proper measurement management

3. Consulting / Engineering services
・ GMP conformity diagnosis (simulated inspection assuming PMDA and FDA) and following-up
・ Technical consulting for technical issues
・ Flexible “engineering services” corresponding to project phase
・ Standards ・ SOPs ・ Other documents’ creation support


・ 15-minute-walk from the West Exit (south side) of JR Tsujido Station
・ 5 minutes by bus to the bus stop “Hyokinyama” from the South Exit of JR Tsujido Station